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Making Media that matters

Making Media That Matters is an on line course for documentary filmmakers and anyone interested in documentary films. The course provides a detailed understanding of how to target both a subject and the corresponding audience to create media that can change the world. Unlocking the potential of game changing media is the secret to securing funding, creating successful distribution and generating sales that drive the success of your project.

Participants will learn the practices and principles that have proven successful in this genre that the New York Times calls: “films with an agenda”. More than just a lesson on filmmaking this course will include details about successful distribution, engagement campaigns and overall success stories that will inspire any filmmaker who sets upon a similar journey.

Each segment will include an on-line quiz to establish a baseline of learning achievement. The quiz will review and cement nomenclature, techniques and ideas. These quiz/reviews will be self-administered allowing for flexible scheduling on the part of the user.

Live classes with students will also be a part of the infrastructure of this course. Participants will be able to listen on a live class and workshop conducted at Ringling College as part of the lead up to their own Virtual/Live experience. These classes will be taped and edited to give participants a dynamic view of how others are digesting this material.

This modules contains 3 lessons

All of them has recorded classes and also additional pdf materials and much more

  • Making Media that Matters- course overview
  • Oil on Ice
  • Cafeteria Man
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