Making Media That Matters

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This program allows direct interaction with Steve through a live online seminar. Students will get a chance to have questions answered and improve their understanding of the course content.


Across multiple lessons students will have access to recorded video, PDS, VOD Films, PowerPoints and other assets that will help students gain a full understanding of the topics

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Making Media that Matters

Making Media That Matters is an on line course for documentary filmmakers and anyone interested in documentary films. The course provides a detailed understanding of how to target both a subject and the corresponding audience to create media that will change the world.

Online course includes:
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Learn from successful documentary filmmakers and learn their challenges, processes and strategy. This approach will help participants refine their approach and put themselves in a position to succeed.


A key element to creating a successful documentary is to develop a distribution strategy in ADVANCE of production. Making Media that Matters highlights strategies for linking production to audience development so the work can be seen and make a difference.

Access to Documents

A variety of documents and templates will be discussed including: release forms, schedules, budgets, distribution contracts, rights and insurance will be shared with students.

What you'll achieve

Participants will learn the practices and principles that have proven successful in this genre that the New York Times calls: films with an agenda. More than just a lesson on filmmaking this course will include details about successful distribution, engagement campaigns and overall success stories that will inspire any filmmaker who sets upon a similar journey.

Critical to success in this area are story-telling techniques, understandingthe role of characters that drive these stories and nuanced production skills from lighting to sound, editing to graphics.
Throughout the course we'll be focused on Case Studies of successful films to demonstrate the power of this medium to create awareness, to change public opinion and to enact legislation.

This is an on line non-credited course.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion.